How to become a partner?
You can begin by contacting us via this website. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a response a dedicated community manager with 48hrs.
Requirements to join?
We treat and evaluate every channel individually. In order to become our partner and enjoy the benefits we take into account: channel theme, amount of views, prospective and the channels potential to be optimized. Submit your channel for analysis today!
How do I get paid?
You can receive your payout through Paypal or Bank Transfer.
How long until I will get my first earnings?
Payouts are in monthly cycles, at the end of every payout term.
Will gamellon control my YT activity and content?
Yes, we are here to support you in the development and optimization of your channel. We will regularly analyze your channel and advise you on improvements in order to increase your viewership range. Nevertheless, you do maintain complete control over what you like, comment and upload.
How will joining gamellon affect what I can create?
As the creator you always retain full control over your channel. As your partner we offer you support and help in order to assist you in further development of your creative material.
Can I also work with other youtube networks?
Each channel can be connected only to one Partner Network. Working with multiple networks is only possible when one has numerous channels, in that case each channel can be connected to a different Partner Network.
How much will I earn?
There is no limit to how much a partner can earn. Your earnings depend on how much subscribers and viewers you have, types of campaigns and number of allowed ad formats on your channel . Our team will help you maximize your earnings and maximize your viewership.
I am not 18 what now?
You will need your parents or legal guardians to sign a consent form and create a paypal account for you.
Does paypal charge money for the transfer?
Yes. Paypal does charge 2% commision of the transferred amount in order to provide their service. This is the cheapest solution since banks generally charge much more.
How long is my contract?
Contracts can be terminated after a 3 month notice period.